Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski appointed Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of fight against corruption and crime, sustainable development and human resources Ljupco Nikolovski, said that the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition aims to promote an attractive business climate through good governance, advocacy and approval of best international practices for integration and capacities between public and private institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia that are key in building responsible business behavior.

"This Government has shown a strong commitment to fight corruption, precisely with the introduction of the new position in the Government, to which I am appointed, which is a result of our strong commitment to introduce a system that generates and delivers justice, rule of law and order." We have opened a front against crime and corruption in every sphere of society. In the whole process, all of us are important, the institutions, the business sector, the media, the non-governmental sector, all the links in the society, in order to ensure the order and the law to apply to all. In the anti-corruption business coalition for which I have been elected and appointed as chair by the relevant stakeholders, we will work together to create the conditions for an attractive business climate through good governance, advocacy and approval of international best practices for integrity and capacity building between public and private "institutions in the country, which are key in building responsible business behavior," said Deputy Prime Minister Nikolovski.

The representative of the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition, Gabriela Kulebanova,  pointed out that the coalition aims for joint action of the competent institutions and implementation of measures and activities to promote good governance and strengthen the culture of integrity.

"Today's event aims to formalize the support of the Government in order to intensify the activities of the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition in the fight against corruption. We expect the activities to gain momentum, and the international clauses and practices that play a major role in preventing corruption will become part of our practice in creating agreements. One of the key strategic steps that needs to be implemented is the recommendation by the Government to use the ICC anti-corruption clause in public procurement contracts, as well as to establish institutional support for OECD guidelines. We strongly believe that results that have been desired for decades, but have not been achieved at the national level, will be achieved in a short time with joint efforts“, Kulebanova said.

The working meeting, which was held in conditions adapted to the pandemic, was attended by Danela Arsovska, President of the International Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Robert Decker, Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje, President of the State Commission for Combating Corruption Biljana Ivanovska, Director of the Academy for Training of Judges and Public Prosecutors Ms. Natasha Gaber Damjanovska and the Chief State Auditor of the State Audit Office Mr. Maksim Acevski.

In the past period, communication has been established within the coalition and activities have been undertaken with the relevant institutions which are important links in the chain and each from its aspect can contribute to the fight against corruption.


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