ICC MACEDONIA National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce

At the International Chamber of Commerce Assembly held on 09.06.2015 in Torino, Italy  the ICC Macedonia became the ninety third National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The Macedonian National Committee - ICC Macedonia is part of the International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC) established in 1919 based in Paris, a organization that is globally all business sectors. The ICC in which are currently participating business organizations, chambers of commerce and businesses of more than 130 countries, was created - after the First World War - in order to promote an open system of international trade and investment and the market economy, including through the drafting of rules governing international trade. The ICC, through the activities of fifteen technical committees and numerous other working bodies, give opinions and suggestions on major issues of interest to companies in the field of foreign investments and policies: commercial , financial, transport, marketing, competition, trade regulation, the protection of industrial property, the environment, banking practices and insurance, information technology and telecommunications. The ICC, at the level of individual countries, it divided into National Committees, established in seventy countries, they become interpreters of the instances of the business community expressed by their members and represent their Governments the positions taken by the ICC. ICC Macedonia aims to operate as part of the ICC, in ' interest of Macedonian businessmen, and to work to ensure that the views of Italian businesses find due consideration in international forums and that the principles and guidelines supported by the ICC at the international level are also applicable at national level. ICC Macedonia, which is based in Skopje, has as partners the major business organizations and trade associations in the country, as well as professionals and experts. The activities of ICC Macedonia is carried out mainly through the work of the committees and working groups that are connected to those working in the Paris office, where the Macedonian representatives support the positions of our businesses on the various issues. The partners of ICC Macedonia can then exert their influence in national and international level and also the opportunity to develop business relationships with the highest level on the occasion of the ICC exclusive events.