Invitation - Corporate Startup Stars Awards Digital Workshop

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International Chamber of Commerce and the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce in cooperation with Mind the Bridge, organizes digital workshop for “Corporate Startup Stars Awards” which will take place on 30th of March, at 14:00h (CET), to present and explore the opportunities for applying for the awards.

The Corporate Startup Stars Awards aim to recognize the most active corporates in open innovation. They celebrate collaborations between corporates and startups across all regions of the world. The Awards ranking covers a wide range of activities, from startup accelerators to procurement, investment and acquisitions. Companies “ahead of the curve” will be recognized as Corporate Startup Stars and Open Innovation Challengers, gaining international recognition as trailblazers and role model setters. The awards are an important occasion for corporate innovators to: benchmark their open innovation activities with the corporate-startup stars (by geography and/or industry sector); understand open innovation best practices; receive a tailored report with insights on how to improve their open innovation practices and see their efforts rewarded with an international award.

For registration, please send your contact details at e-mail:, until 29 of March 2021, upon which the participation link will be shared.